Voices of the Tribunal

For over twenty years, the UN’s International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda worked to apprehend and prosecute those most responsible for the 1994 genocide. As the ICTR came to a close, we asked judges, lawyers and experts to reflect on their experiences.

This is their story, in their own words.

The Interviews:

James J. Arguin
Chief of Appeals, Legal Advisory Division
ICTR 2010—2015

Florence Arrey
Former Judge
ICTR 2003—2012

Juan Carlos Berroa
Head of Special Investigations
ICTR 2003—2015

Hassan Bubacar Jallow
ICTR 2003—2015

Sir Dennis Byron
Former President and Judge
ICTR 2004—2011

Vagn Joensen
President and Judge
ICTR 2007—2015

Florida Kabasinga
Case Manager, Appeals Counsel
ICTR 2003—2015

Umesh Kadam
Regional Legal Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross

Bongani Majola
Registrar, former Deputy Prosecutor
ICTR 2003—2015

Theodor Meron
ICTR 2001—2015

Jean B. Mutangana
National Prosecutor; Head, International Crimes Unit, Republic of Rwanda

Prisca M. Nyambe
Former General Counsel to ICTR, Former Chief of Section and Senior Legal Officer 
ICTR 1996-2006

Navanethem Pillay
Former President and Judge
ICTR 1995—2003

Stephen J. Rapp
Former Chief of Prosecutions
ICTR 2001—2007

Lyal S. Sunga
Head, Rule of Law Program, The Hague Institute for Global Justice

Steffen Wirth
Appeals Counsel
ICTR 2010—2015
Randolph Tebbs
Former Networks and Digital Archives Administrator
ICTR 1996—2014

Erik Mose
Former President and Judge
ICTR 1999—2009

Adama Dieng
Former Registrar
ICTR 2001—2012

Sumathipala Wathugala
Chief of Building Management Services
ICTR 1997—2015

François Nsanzuwera
Appeals Counsel
ICTR 2003—2015

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